Haute Living brings raw nature into your living space.

Our furniture is handpicked and manufactured to intensify an experience of nature when living amongst these wonderful once majestic giants

We guarantee an intense experience each time you enjoy the use of your product.We do not manufacture our products to meet the modern world or to compete with the trends of fashion.We instead identify unique features on every piece of furniture and refine nature to serve as part of unique individuals for the rest of their lives and for their descendants many generations to come.

Our products proudly carry an unconditional quality guarantee covering future generations.

Every unit manufactured carries our emblem reaffirming our intense effort to deliver a quality item which will serve its purpose whilst proudly representing the unique DNA of the African Bush.


We invite you to join us in our showroom (or our factory) to experience the passion we have for wood and for each and every unit we manufacture. Please call our agent in order to arrange a visit.

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